ABA Commission Recommends No New Restrictions on Law Firm Marketing

In an 18-page draft report, the ABA Commission on Ethics 20/20 recommended no new restrictions for lawyers’ online marketing efforts. The commission’s recommendations clarify three important marketing issues:

  1. Precautions lawyers should take to prevent the accidental creation of client-lawyer relationships when using electronic communications as well as how to ensure that the public does not misunderstand the consequences of communicating electronically with a lawyer.
  2. Client Recommendations should be deemed to exist only when someone endorses or vouches for a lawyer’s credentials, abilities, or qualities.
  3. Clarifications of Online Solicitations: The commission defined “solicitation” as the targeted communication at a specific potential client. Banner ads, websites and other communications to the general public do not constitute solicitation.

This is all good news for law firms suffering from the economic downturn. Access the proposal here. 


5 Inexpensive Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Implement this Summer

Whether we are still in a recession or not, there is no debate that times are still tough for everyone, including law firms and their clients. It is time to be serious about your firm’s marketing, but who can blame you for not wanting to pump a several grand into a large print, radio, TV, and billboard campaign.

Instead of sinking thousands into expensive traditional marketing channels,  smaller and less expensive ideas can help you reach core clients and effectively promote your firm.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll lead you through the pro’s and con’s of the following affordable yet effective marketing tools:

1. Client E-Newsletter

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Blogging

4. Postcard Mailings

5. Event Sponsorship & Promotion Items

Marketing Help for Small Law Firms

Like all business owners, the partner or partners of small to medium size law firms place a 26- or 30-hour day high on life’s wish lists.  If just 2 to 6 more hours could be added to our day, along with the energy to take advantage of them, we all feel that so much more could be accomplished. Unfortunately, though, the clock remains at 24 hours, even with competition increasing during tough economic times.

Like many other service firms, the small law firm usually doesn’t have a marketing department. Until a decade ago, an ad in the Yellow Pages and perhaps some local newspaper advertising was all the marketing a small firm had to do to generate new case work.

That, of course, has all changed. The Internet, websites, organic searches, pay-per-click advertising and now social marketing have permanently changed law firm client acquisition. While client referrals remain a significant source of new business, even the methods that firms must employ to connect with and retain their former and current clients have undergone a sea change.

Unfortunately, for the time-pressed lawyer, marketing can no longer be put to the end of the to-do list. It has become an imperative. Several firms who years ago only wanted a web presence now realize the importance of online marketing and social networking.

This blog, as a new addition to the website of my marketing firm, Caroline Andrew & Associates, LLC, will hopefully help answer the questions lawyers from small and medium firms have about successfully competing in the 2010s, from tips on client communication and promotional ideas to website SEO and Google advertising.